Sunday, December 10, 2023

Dusting off this Blog

I was reminded about blogger by Irene and Man Yung's blog when I found their wonderful post about the har gow. I couldn't agree more about the dismal state of har gow in Toronto. It's 2023, and it seems like most dim sum is made at the same factory using the same recipes. Pretty sure I can back that up with a link, but that's a rabbit hole for another time. When Jane Squirrel makes har gow at home, it's noticeably different from everyone else's. Better even, in many ways. The point is not to brag about how good we have it at our nest. It's more like... if anyone was actually making their own har gow using their own secret family recipe that's been passed down for generations, their would be more variety, right? Instead, so much of the har gow and shiu mai seem the same. Pretty tasty when you're eating it, but indistinguishable and unmemorable.

Anyway, back to this blog and Blogger in general. When I saw Irene and Man Yung's blog, I was like "holy cow, people still use Blogger?". Hah, sorry Blogger, don't get mad.

So I had a poke around at my account, found bunch of cool old posts, some drafts (don't worry, you're not missing anything), and a bunch of worthless comments (screw you, spammers).

I want take this chance to reiterate that this blog has no affiliation with the Bob the Squirrel comic strip. Part of the reason I stopped posting was concern about being confused with that comic or its author. The squirrel this blog is named after lived in our backyard, and is part of many in-family jokes concerning, for example bitter melon. I wish the other Bob squirrel the best, and if you are in the mood please check them out.

With any luck, I will be posting more content. No promises.. seems every time I commit to doing something, there's no follow through. So, we'll see.

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