Sunday, January 22, 2017

Wrapup: Docker Developer - Beginner Linux Containers course

So, I did another quick run-through of the subject course this morning prior to taking the test, and here are my thoughts.

  • I'd forgotten about a few potentially useful commands like "docker inspect", so the review was useful.
  • Lesson 3 (docker-compose) still feels ... compressed. There could have been more content, or it could have been a complete course all by itself. The overall structure of the lesson was 1) download the files from git; 2) bring up the swarm; 3) a brief explanation of some of the lines in the yml file; and 4) here's how to publish the swarm. I would like to see the lesson expanded to get a better sense of how the yml file was developed step by step. In fact, the example included four other yml files, so that might have been where the direction the author(s) was (were) originally headed. Update: found the tutorial which this lesson appears to be a summary of:
I scored 13/14 on the quiz, so yay me.

I'm going to take the rest of the free courses offered by Docker, just to see if they issues like resource control.

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