Monday, December 19, 2011

More SR3D Builder

As an exercise, I decided to try modeling the 8441 B-model (racer) in SR 3D Builder. I am getting the hang of this program, and quite enjoyed putting together the rear end of the vehicle. I'm pleased to report that SR3D allowed me to model the front end, thanks to the hinge mode and the connection solver.

The nose is composed of a 3x5 90 degree beam (yellow) posed at an angle thanks to pink connector block and the light-blue beams. There are 4 hinges in the nose. I positioned the pink connector block and the light-blue beam in approximately the right place, then used the connection finder to "connect" the holes in the light-blue beam and the yellow 90 degree beam. The software repositioned the two pieces. Neat!

The software did make a boo-boo during an early attempt: the connection finder positioned one of the pieces into another one. Of course that was easily undone, and a different strategy solved the connection.

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